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                物电院:The Status and Prospects of the Belle II Experiment
                学术地点 物电学院A栋316 主讲人 单葳,日本名古屋大学←博士后
                讲座时间 2020年1月7日9:00

                主题:The Status and Prospects of the Belle II Experiment





                讲座摘要:In April 2019, the complete Belle II detector began its first physics run at the asymmetric energy e+e- SuperKEKB collider located in Tsukuba, Japan. The Belle II experiment aims at collecting an integrated luminosity of 50 ab-1, 50 times larger than its predecessor, Belle. The dataset collected in the running of 2019 corresponds to 10.57 fb-1, which not sufficient to probe new territory, but very useful for assessing the performance of the detector and rediscovering many known standard model processes. I will review the most significant physics results produced in the last few months, which include the observation of many particles and decay channels important for the Belle II physics program, and present an outlook for the short term prospects for the experiment.

                主讲人简有消了介:单葳,2017年北京大学博士 一派大家風范毕业,2017-2019年湖南师范大学讲师,2019年至今在名古少主屋大学做访问学者,发表多篇学术论文,代表↓性论文为(1) M. Ablikimet al., (BESIII Collaboration), "Observation of a Neutral Structure near theDˉD_Mass Threshold ine+e?!(DˉD_)0_0atps= 4.226 GeV andps= 4.257 GeV", Phys. Rev. Lett.115, 222002 (2015). (Corresponding Author)

                (2) Wei Shan, "ExoticZcstates at BESIII", AIP Conf. Proc.1735, 060001 (2016).

                (3) Wei Shan, "XYZ states at BESIII", Nucl. Part. Phys. Proc.78, 282 (2017).

                (4) M. Ablikimet al., (BESIII Collaboration), "Measurement of the Absolute Branching

                Fraction of the Inclusive Decay _+c!_ + X", Phys. Rev. Lett.121, 062003 (2018).

                (5) M. Ablikimet al., (BESIII Collaboration), "Observation ofe+e?!D+sˉD(_)0K?and study of the P-waveDsmesons", Chin. Phys. C43, 031001 (2019).

                下一条:化工院:Bioinspired Transition-Metal Catalyzed Radical Reactionsand Their Applications in Medicinal Chemistry